"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"






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LED Lighted







"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"






"Contents Not Included"

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"relax - enjoy"

Most cigar smokers are hard-working individuals who look forward to relaxing with a good smoke. 


There is one simple factor that can determine whether or not a drink will pair well, and that’s the body. The first step to determining how a drink will pair with a cigar is to match the body. 

Azucar Lounge & Bar (Plaza Vieja) Havana

                 There are so many restaurants opening up in Havana that it's hard to keep track. I don't remember this spot being here

Palacio del Segundo Cabo (Plaza de Armas) Havana

                 This building is situated on the northwest corner of the Plaza de Armas. It's next to the Castillo de la Real Fuerza

Antojos (new Restaurant) Havana

                  Surrounded by several restaurants on a pedestrian only street, Callejón de Espada in Old Havana, I discovered this eatery by chance. My

Calle Consulado (Havana) A Pictorial

                 Consulado begins near the Malecon and runs up to and ends at San Jose behind the Gran Teatro & Capitolio building. It

Parque de los Próceres Africanos (Playa) Havana

                 On one of my long walks last year I came across this rather large park dedicated to what was obviously distinguished peoples

El Templete (Plaza de Armas) Havana

                    "El Templete is a monument in Havana that pays homage to the place where the foundation of the town of

Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón (The Colon Cemetery) Havana 2019

                   I've come here on several occasions through the years and still haven't walked around the entire property. Considering the cemetery measures

Palacio Cueto (Plaza Vieja) Havana….it’s finally opened

                The construction (renovations) on this building had been going on for more than a decade. Myself and probably many others wondered if

Happy 500th Birthday Havana

                   This post is a week after the big event but better late than never. Anyone that knows me knows the love

D’Next (Restaurant) Havana Oct.2019

            This has become a go-to restaurant when I'm in Old Havana looking for a light meal. I won't go out of my way to

Jardin Japones (Havana) left to ruin

                 You may think that this is the one that's within the Jardín Botánico Nacional just outside's not. This Jardin Japones is

Taller Experimental de Grafica (Habana Vieja) November 2019

                   Jutting out from the side of the Plaza de La Catedral is a little dead end street called "Callejon del Chorro".

Hotel Saratoga (Havana) 2019

                   The hotel is located at 603 Paseo del Prado, at the corner of Calle Dragones. It has been at this location

Cars of Cuba (Nov.2019)

                   It's been a while since the last time a posted one of these. I still had quite a few of the

Pollo Bell (Fast Food) Havana

                   I've eaten their food before, a couple of times actually. One time we went and picked up an order to take

Otramanera (Restaurant) Havana Oct.2019

                    Although this place has only been open a few short years, it seems to have gotten things right almost from

Clandestina (Havana) A Clothing Store but Much More

                   I've been reading about this place for years now, since around the time it opened in 2015. Then, right after Obama

Hotel Habana Libre LCDH (Havana) Oct.2019

               I do my best to come here every time I visit Cuba. It's not only the largest cigar shop in Havana, it also

Chinese Cemetery (Havana)

                     Chinese immigrants were offered tremendous wealth upon their arrival to Cuba but what they got was far from it. The

Nero di Seppia (Italian Restaurant) Havana

                  This is, in my opinion, the best Italian restaurant in Havana....the Pope ate here for God's sake, if that isn't endorsement

"Half Humidor & Half Bar"

The best way to experience our Humibars is to indulge in the delectable items below. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing item from your local supplier to satisfy your palate.

A little knowledge

"Humidors all shapes and sizes"

Humidors have been around for hundreds of years now, but really hadn’t caught on until the early 1800s when they were made with solid wood that was nailed together and featured a hinge. These, obviously, were called Nailed Wood Humidors (NW for short), and were some of the most basic humidors available. However, this variety is still prevalent today with some of the higher end offerings making NW humidors. As people with wealth gained affection towards stogies, humidors became more decorative and included extra features such as clasps, locks, and more intricately designed hinges

Humidor makers have greatly honed their skill at properly making humidors for every walk of life, and one of those lifestyles is the smoker on the go. To meet this group of people’s needs, there are a wide variety of high quality travel humidors available that are not made of wood. Instead, these ingenious cigar savers are made of highly durable plastics lined with porous foam to help trap humidity and keep your cigars safe. 

"The Art of Rolling Cuban Cigars"

Cuban cigars are world famous. They are known to be the very best cigars on the market. The fact is that tobacco has been grown in Cuba for hundreds of years, and manufacturers have been producing cigars in that country since the time of King Phillip II of Spain (1527-1598)


Our Mission

Is to unite people who are interested in cigar culture and want to discover a new experience of smoking cigars. We want to promote the cigar culture while enjoying fine spirits, sharing the valuable history and introducing new cigars to your friends and relatives.

HUMIBAR - Art Deco

A Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is a box or a room that keeps constant humidity, used to store cigars, cigarettes, and pipe tobacco. Cigar humidors are made from one three types of wood: Spanish cedar, American Red Cedar, or Honduran Mahogany. Spanish cedar, unlike the name suggests, does not originate from Spain. It comes out of the rain forests of Brazil and Central America.

"If I cannot smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go!”

Mark Twain

Atlanta, Georgia